[Narrative Interaction] Inspiration – Land of the Magic Flute

The Land of the Magic Flute by Fons Schiedon (http://www.landofthemagicflute.com/#start)

A contemporary adaptation of Mozart’s beloved opera ‘The Magic Flute’, presented as an animated graphic novel.

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[Narrative Interaction] Inspiration – Bvlgari: Roman Treasures

Roman Treasures by UNIT9 (http://romantreasures.bulgari.com)

A nocturnal stroll into the heart of Rome to discover the treasures of the city that have inspired Bulgari creations.

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[Narrative Interaction] Process – Concept & Possible Plot

Heritage & History

The Concept
Long Ya Men Re-Identified

Re-identifying Long Ya Men through recollections, accounts and archeological evidences to trace back Singapore’s history way back before Raffles’ arrival in 1819. User will play a role as a voyager as he navigates through the maritime route to identify this place known as Long Ya Men. They become involved in the interpretation of the past as they utilize analytical and interpretive skills to piece the missing history.

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[4D II] Exercise 4 : Narrative Voice Over

Re-create a narrative from different point of views or narrative voice using voiceovers. You are required to rework each script to at least 2 out of these POVs below:
Third person POV (Objective, limited, omniscient)
First person narrative voice (stream of consciousness, epistolary voice)

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Final Project : Ego

Journey of a Paper Boat

This project allowed us to experiment with different traditional media to express ourselves. I decided to settle on a ‘Journey of a Paper Boat’ concept where the paper boat represents myself. Although the paper boat looks weak, it is strong enough to last long on the water.

I used watercolour as my main medium to create a soft and dreamy look of the journey while adding on black and white pen line works to emphasise more on the outline and small details.


1) Ambitious + Calmness = Independent (ME)

  • Ambitious : It is a composition of the paper boat on a map with a flag marked on an area, to indicate its destination.
  • Calmness : The calm water and stationary ship by the dock created a quiet overall surrounding.
  • Independent : I placed several sailing boats of the same colours in the middle ground while the paper boat is away and alone from those clusters in the foreground.


2) Exploration – Intimidation = Confidence (A better me)

  • Exploration :  The paper boat is placed on the right side of the image and a lighthouse to balance it out on the left side. This time, the water is slightly wavy to portray the paper boat traveling/moving.
  • Intimidation : The paper boat is a small object surrounded by dark and vast space of trees. By comparing the scale of the boat to its environment and adding bats, I created an overall menacing vibe.
  • Confidence : This composition is more of a close up to show how the paper boat just passes by two crocodiles trailing behind. This is to show how it has the confidence to overcome those fears.


3) Determination x Survival = Growth (An ideal me)

  • Determination : I placed the paper boat going through a bad weather on the left side of the piece and several objects on the right side to balance everything out. The waves are harsher now, with white pen lines added to create the ‘storm’ look. With a black pen, I created clouds and heavy rain so the overall piece looks busy and chaotic.
  • Survival : By painting the extra objects orange, I managed to make the paper boat stands out in its red colour. Also, I placed some of the objects into the ‘waterfall hole’ to create depth as if they are falling into it. I pushed the paper boat slightly off the edge to show the danger it is going through.
  • Growth : No longer a paper boat, it has upgraded into a sailing boat to show the evolution/growth after going through the storm and waterfall.


4) Perception + Strategy = Victory (Me in 5 years)

  • Perception : To show depth of feel, I composed the piece to look as if it is viewed from a high place. The foreground is painted red and the middle ground purple so the hills can gradually blend into the purple background.
  • Strategy : This composition is like a bird’s eyeview or satellite view of the ‘Perception’ piece where the boat is navigating through the hills.
  • Victory : I believe the Sun represents success and victory. By placing it on the right side and the boat on the left side, I managed to balance them out. The arrival of the boat also looks as if it has finally reached its destination.

Project 2 : Nursery Rhyme

Nursery Rhyme
The lyrics to a nursery rhyme can be quite whimsical and nonsensical. The main objective of this project is to move beyond cliche solutions to narrate a chosen nursery rhyme using images. I wanted to move away from creating literal images.

Nursery Rhyme - Display

Hence, I chose to do a concept of ‘Crime’ investigation where I let my audience to decide what is happening or will happen next. My aim was to raise questions in the audience’s mind as he views these pieces.


1. “The cow jumped over the moon” I created an outer space environment by placing a galaxy background with a small Earth on the top left side of the image. To balance it out, I placed an astronaut and a cow corpse on the bottom right. These two elements are at a bigger scale to give a sense of depth.

Nursery Rhyme - 1


2. “Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep”

Instead of placing a girl that represents ‘Little Bo Peep’, I only used her props for this image to add on to the mystery. With the ‘Butcher Shop’ door on the right side, I also placed a pair of shoes in a lighter shade in front of it to create contrast. To balance everything out, a cane is rested against the wall and a streetlamp is hung above it on the left side.

Nursery Rhyme - 2


3. “And the dish ran away with the spoon”
I created an eerie forest environment with ‘Wanted’ and ‘Missing posters stuck on the trees. These posters are in a lighter shade as compared to the trees to create contrast. They also acted as the focal point.. I applied the one-third rule where the tree in the foreground is slightly shifted to the right the whole image will not be too jarring.

Nursery Rhyme - 3


4. “Humpty Dumpty had a great fall”

With the Crime concept in mind, I created a white outline of the egg (Humpty Dumpty) as if an accident had occurred. To compliment that, I also added a number 1 card next to it as the first ‘clue’. I let the background remain as bricks to show the exact place this accident took place. Lastly, I balanced out with a soldier investigating the scene on the right side of the image.

Nursery Rhyme - 4