Hello, my name is..

A new semester, a new class and totally new classmates.

I was quite nervous when I was entering the class. Since I was just allocated to the course, I did not attend the first 2D class so I thought everyone should have known each other by then except me. However, everyone were surprisingly friendly and cheerful that I felt welcomed.

I managed to catch up and introduced myself using the ‘Hello my name is’ card activity.


Hello - Typography

  1. Typography
    Grey background – I get really uncomfortable when wearing bright colours as I dislike being the center of attention. Therefore, I am always seen in neutral, dark or dull colours.

    Partly hidden ‘DINA’ – I can be a little shy and quiet when I am in an unfamiliar place or amongst people I do not know well. So I tend to ‘hide’ behind people and just observe my surroundings.

    Colours and Partly visible ‘DINA’ – However, as I grow older, I knew I had to change that to go beyond my limits. Being in the design industry also made me aware of the network and social interaction between different parties. Hence, I would like to improve myself by opening up more even if it takes time.

    Hello - Abstract

  2. Abstract
    Marbling Effect– Marbling has been one of my favourite patterns as it is very fluid and spontaneous. While doing this technique, I realised that life can be as spontaneous as well. Similar to marbling, there is no concrete set of rules to insure success in life. Something might work out for one person but it might not work for the other.

    However, be experimental and learn from mistakes. Even after all those hard work, you might end up with a beautiful and mesmerizing result.

    Hello - Conceptual

  3. Conceptual
    Black Cat– I used to hate cats. I just thought that they were really annoying creatures. However, that impression made a 180° turn when my family adopted two black kittens. Now with five cats at home, I am known as a typical neighbourhood cat lady.

    Cat and Me – I tried to show the close relationship I have with my cats by portraying us by nuzzling our faces against each other.

    Stars and Moon – The white speckles and moon represent night time. As they are active during the day and disappear somewhere in the house, they will tire out by night and start to climb on my bed to cuddle.