2D Sketch Analysis & 3D Models

A 3-dimensional item I found to be interesting:


Bandana is a multi-functional item. The possibility is endless. I can choose to style up an outfit by having it wrapped around my head or it can be used as a decorative piece on any handbags. Have an open wound? Well, fret not. It can be used as a bandage as well, so use it to dress your wound in time of crisis! This is why I am so intrigued by it.

2-Dimensional Sketch Analysis:

  • Dominant: Band of the bandana
  • Sub-Dominant: Knot
  • Sub-Ordinate: Ribbon
  • Texture: 100% Pure Cotton, Opaque
  • Void: The negative space between the batik patterns

3-Dimensional Cardboard Models

Central Theme: HALF






3D Models Sketch Analysis:


3 thoughts on “2D Sketch Analysis & 3D Models

  1. cherylheng

    Hi Felicia. Yes indeed your bandana has proven itself to be quite 3-dimensionally versatile:)

    I think the knot & ribbon due to their similar volume, is considered one entity ie. The Sub- dominant (SD) & in it current state, there’s no Sub-ordinate. IF you consider the batik patterns on the bandana as an independent feature then, one may argue that the black is Dominant, Batik patterns on it Sub-Dominant & the knotted ribbon the Sub-ordinate.

    As you have drawn it,  it is also interesting to note that the knotted ribbon is at the 1/3 position.. Would be neat if you could indicate the Rule or Thirds grid in the 2D Sketch Analysis.

  2. cherylheng

    Re: 3D Sketch Models, good attempt at expressing “half”. Do check that your recitilinear volumes do not share similar dimensions though in each 3D Sketch Model.  Would be good to indicate in your photos which element is D, SD & SO. Good , legible layout in the 2D Sketch Analysis 🙂

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