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My Name Is – Process Part 1

These are some the occupations that I found to be interesting:

Amusement Park Facilitator, Chef, Shopaholic, Undertaker, Supermarket cashier, Fruit Seller, Donut Seller, Animal Farm Owner, AND A DISNEY PRINCESS. 

 After much rationalisation, I have shortlisted these 4 “professions”, all categorised under the theme of “Nature“. By that, I am referring to jobs that are often associated/accomplished in the wilderness or it has connotations of greens and earthy vibes to it. Will explain more about the rationale behind my concept in the subsequent post to come! Let’s get down to planning.

Color scheme: Pastel is the colour that I am going for. Soft, gentle, desaturated, milky is how you would describe this family of colours. This is also the first time I employ pastel hues into my design work. Have always thought that pastels are too mild, thus making them recede into the background. For this project, the 4 series of mixed media design works will be based on this following concept.


1- Scuba Diver/Marine Biologist

Under this panel of job, we can expect to see some marine creatures/bubbles/seawater/sporting gears. For this concept, I will be playing with a serif font. In a professional setting, serif fonts are most often used in formal designs. (newspaper, print, book etc) However, I would like to test out the limitations of the font, pushing the boundaries further.


2 – Bird Whisperer

Birds, lots of birds, all decked in painterly style (watercolour). For this series, blue will be the dominating colour, with some use of yellow to create the analogous colour scheme. Have tested out several fonts to go with my initial, but turns out, the serif font is best suited for this layout. Will be exploring other font families in the remaining two designs!


3 – Fruit Harvester

Fruits, tools, are what make up of the final composition. In this colour palette, we will be using a daffodil yellow to balance out the pastel theme that surrounds this whole concept. I imagine myself using a variety of earthy toned fruits to compliment the idea of a down to earth harvester. In contrast to the font choice used in the above two layouts, I will be employing a cursive (decorative font) typeface this time around. This is to ensure that explorations of typography are evident, especially in this project!


4 – Botanist/Florist

Greens, leafs, florals, tools are what is present in the layout. Pastel green will be the main colour choice. Watercolor style remains consistent, and the typography used will be a Sans Serif font. This font carries a minimal outlook since it does not comes with the stroke at the end of every alphabet.

Part 2 of my Process/Gallery will be up in a bit!

Stay tuned. Ciaos!

My Name Is – Research

My name is Felicia, and I’m a…

You’ll find out soon!

This project aims at creating typographic portraits using the letters in our name. Typography, according to online definition goes about the technique of

“Arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed.”

There are some designs I found to be really inspiring, and here are some of my findings:

Loving the designer’s chic and minimalist attempt on this set of work. I am also adoring its clean colour palette. I was so inspired to create a piece of work that speaks volume despite the lack of crazy, flamboyant illustrations. We’ll see how it goes! But as of now, I’m loving this work so much.

The next design inspiration I want to share has a somewhat similar concept.

By the Makers & Co, I love how the concept stands out so much, and the colour works so well together! The designer threw in neutrals with a few pop of bright, attention-grabbing colours to captivate the consumers’ eyes. As opposed to the previous use of the monochromatic colour scheme, this palette has much more to offer in terms of the diversity of colours and layering behind each and every element. This is very close to how I imaged by design to look and feel.

Typography Manipulation:

A style I have been wanting to try out for the longest time!!

Can’t wait to see how it will turn out eventually. More to come!

Pareidolia Exercise


Hello again, Mimi!

This is to document our very first warm-up exercise on the “Pareidolia” effect.

Here is alphabet A-Y, and this cannot be achieved without the help of my partner, Miss Yeoh Zhenqi! Okay, I guess that is about it. This post serves as a remembrance of how chill and carefree year 1 life is.

Cheers! Will go catch up on some sleep while I can.