Gaia’s 生け花 – Research


Hello, World.

Winter to me is a symbolic representation of Cold with Christmas vibe creeping in. This holiday is also known as the festival of light. It is the coldest season of the year and the season that comes after autumn. The colours representing winter would be Blue, White and Grey.  I would associate minimalist and zen-ness to an Ikebana ensemble.

// How do trees look like under such harsh climate?


// How my Branch looks like:

This is the chosen branch because it looks really unique! By unique, I mean how the colour of the brown is not overly dark, and yet it brings about the feeling of a barren tree during winter. Unlike other branches/twigs, this one has a nice structure to it. Even the twig has tiny “holes” which adds on to its perk. This is the little perfect branch that will represent my Ikebana!


// Some Research on Winter themed Ikebana ensemble:


// Some core characteristics that ties in with Winter:

  • Branches are BARE
  • Fallen Snow
  • Zen, Clean ensemble
  • Almost White-Out


// Mindmap & Ideation


// My Color Scheme (Neutral, cool hues)


//Winter Moodboard:


// Guide to Ikebana-ing (Note to self)


Alright! Time for development.


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