Jumanji Ready – Prototype 1 Process

Hello everyone!

This will be a documentation of my pre-rattan bag brainstorming process. This is made to test out the length I could go to weave the structure together in place.

First, a wire model is made so that it acts as a “skeleton” to my bag construction. Then, a string is threaded throughout the circumference. In order to weave in a convenient manner, I had to tie the prototype up to a string and have it attach in midair to that I could interlace in and out quickly and easily.

In this picture, you see a knotted out which acts as the base of the bag.

The in and out weaving method:

Finishing up with the stringing process:



The end product of Prototype 1:

Made entirely with wires and brown strings/paper to satisfy the whole neutral aesthetic of the bag.


Click here to view the final prototype.

See you in part 2! Ciaos!

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