My Line is Emo: The Botanist’s Emotions



Overarching Theme: Botanical Plants and Nature



// First level of emotion: PURIFICATION

I would like you to imagine this: A Botanist’s first discovery of her interest in planting. Whenever she is involved in planting, it is as if she forgets all her unhappiness. This new found hobby purifies her soul and gave her life a new meaning.

Method: A quadrant of an onion, stamped in white acrylic paint on transparent paper


// The second level of emotion: TRIUMPH

On a fine morning, she walked into her little garden and to her surprise, she saw that a seed has sprouted! It was a proud moment for her and this was when a sense of pride started to grow in her.

Method: Sliced Aloe Vera stamped on newsprint


// The Third level of emotion: BOMBSHELL

At this point of time, we call it the peak of emotion where she reached the highest point of satisfaction. Her passion was driven to its extreme especially when it is time for harvest. She could finally reap all her hard work.

Method: Long blade of grass, whipped against paper


// The fourth level of emotion: IRE

Life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. And at times, we will hit rock bottom. At this stage, her entire garden of corps died. She was brought face to face with failure and disappointment. For the first time, her efforts were in vain despite her meticulous care. What went wrong? She questioned.

Method: Vines rubbed in paint, pressed against paper. Using a block of wood, apply pressure and pull the ends of the vine to create similar effect


// The fifth level of emotion: BLIGHT

Darkness consumed most of the light. Was she truly meant to be a Botanist? A sense of loss and helplessness dwelled in her for the longest time. Eventually, the last leak of light is gone. She has been consumed by failure.

Method: A bunch of dried leaves in ink pressed against paper to create a viewpoint of a person standing under a tree, looking up. The whites are the lights that filter through.


// The sixth level of emotion: TREPIDATION

Self-doubt blasted in every corner of her body. This is how trepidation looks like to her. Scarred from failure, she never found the courage to plant again.

Method: Dry Soil soaked in chinese ink



Can’t describe how happy I am feeling right now. It was a wonderfully emotional process hehe.

Thanks for reading!

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