Pushing the boundaries of Experimental Fashun


The above are some of the ideas we came up with prior to finalisation. Eventually, we settled with #2 since we felt it has the highest potential to push the boundary of DIWO between 2 people through the use of social broadcast via Facebook. The title of our final project is named as “EXPERIMENTAL FASHUN“, which means accessing and testing the perimeter of fashion in today’s society.


To break down the whole idea, I will now come up with steps as to how the social experiment will unfold:

1) We will be split into pairs to complete a task. Among the pair, there will be an interviewer and a model. The interviewer is required to hit the streets of Singapore and get participants to pick out a whole set of outfit based on just adjectives. e.g. red, baggy, indie, stripes. While on the other hand, the model will be on the other end of the screen as she takes note and preps herself for the chosen outfit

2) A piece of paper indicating the list the of apparels will be given to the participants to take pick. Rule: Participants have to be of either different age groups/ethnicity/gender

3) A total of 4 participants will be required from each pair. 2 of each participant have to be found in different districts. e.g. Little India & Chinatown/Bras Basah complex & SMU (It should show a stark contrast between the demographics)

4) Since the participants are only given adjectives and not visuals of the image, they are supposed to come up with the most experimental and mismatched outfits possible

5) To conclude the game, our models with have to do a fashion runway walk and this image/video will be uploaded on to Instagram for our viewers to vote with a hashtag of #EXPERIMENTALFASHUN





The main aim of this experiment is to put emphasis on the unpredictable quality of online shopping. Remember when you ordered a piece of apparel from an online store but it came looking like nothing you’ve expected? That anger and rage from the stark difference in quality and fit, the mismatched descriptions and measurements we see from dodgy, substandard websites?

This social initiative aims at highlighting the unpredictability of online shopping, as people pick out and put together their “best intended” outfit for the model but ultimately a complete haywire.



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