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Week 2 – Further Improvisation on 3D Model

Hello, World.

(Oh no, I suck at doing intro, let’s have a cliche one k) Continuing from previous week’s progress, we have now come to the improvisation phase!  To recap, the assigned word was: Half.

I searched it up on google and its definition came up to – “either of two equal or corresponding parts into which something is or can be divided.” 


Presenting our first 3D model: The Human Barricade

Applying what I have learned from today’s lesson, I registered the ‘Wedging’ and ‘Piercing’ concept into my first 3D Model. The little gap on the Dominant foam gives it an interesting visual, which is known as the Void (1/3 unoccupied). Additionally, I added in a horizontal foam that brings about the pierced through concept. Overall, the key idea was to develop into a Human Barricade alike structure that can withstand heavy weights.



Presenting our second 3D model: The Wing Chun Wooden Dummy 

(Damn this is so unlike me…) Anyway, had one of the Sub-Ordinate foam pierced through the body of a Dominant foam. It was a lot of reshaping and cutting and slicing down before I manage to settle with this one. Hmm, on second thoughts, I might need to shave one of them down further. We’ll see…


& lastly, here’s the 2-Dimensional Sketch Analysis!


In summation, some of the key pointers I have acquired through this lesson were:

  1. Cantilever: A long projecting beam fixed at one end, used in bridge construction
  2. Gestalt Principle:  Where the sum of the whole is greater than it’s part
  3. Wedging: Cutting out a section, wedging another object in between the cut-out
  4. Piercing: When one box literally go through another
  5. Cradling: When an object is stuck between 2 others


(Happen to suck at doing an outro too, so…)

Toodles! wink

2D Sketch Analysis & 3D Models

A 3-dimensional item I found to be interesting:


Bandana is a multi-functional item. The possibility is endless. I can choose to style up an outfit by having it wrapped around my head or it can be used as a decorative piece on any handbags. Have an open wound? Well, fret not. It can be used as a bandage as well, so use it to dress your wound in time of crisis! This is why I am so intrigued by it.

2-Dimensional Sketch Analysis:

  • Dominant: Band of the bandana
  • Sub-Dominant: Knot
  • Sub-Ordinate: Ribbon
  • Texture: 100% Pure Cotton, Opaque
  • Void: The negative space between the batik patterns

3-Dimensional Cardboard Models

Central Theme: HALF






3D Models Sketch Analysis: