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2D Sketch Analysis & 3D Models

A 3-dimensional item I found to be interesting:


Bandana is a multi-functional item. The possibility is endless. I can choose to style up an outfit by having it wrapped around my head or it can be used as a decorative piece on any handbags. Have an open wound? Well, fret not. It can be used as a bandage as well, so use it to dress your wound in time of crisis! This is why I am so intrigued by it.

2-Dimensional Sketch Analysis:

  • Dominant: Band of the bandana
  • Sub-Dominant: Knot
  • Sub-Ordinate: Ribbon
  • Texture: 100% Pure Cotton, Opaque
  • Void: The negative space between the batik patterns

3-Dimensional Cardboard Models

Central Theme: HALF






3D Models Sketch Analysis: