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Model Making: Mobile Phone Dock



These are some of the existing speakers in the market which inspired me greatly – In terms of the overall structure, material built, and functions/aesthetic features:

Love how there is a sense of lightness and minimalism employed in the above design. Chic and simple.

Personally, I love anything that has a hint of wood. It makes the product look very Scandinavian-ish. This is the style direction which I am very keen with. As pitched, the general appearance of my docked speaker will have a hint of transparency to highlight the idea of “weightlessness”, and wood to balance out the aesthetics.


Planning: Sketches


Execution: Foam Shaving/Reshaping

Making use of a piece of freshly cut foam, I started by estimating the amount of grove I want on the edge of my docked speaker. Then, I cut and stick on cardboard onto my foam (roughly making sure they are of the same angle).

Then, I measure the length of my an iPhone and an Android, so that both phones could fit into the pocket of the speaker properly. Then all the diggings and carvings began. As seen from the picture above, the sides of the foam were nicely trimmed and filed down.

At this stage, it was reviewed that the thickness of the speaker was not optimal, causing it to lack a touch of modernism. So I went ahead to trim down the width of my foam – which got me to my final step!

End Result:


Introducing: iSPAMP Version 0.1

This is a duo function product, which consists of a lamp and a working speaker. Hence it serves an additional purpose of a light source which is the Unique Selling Point (USP) of this product. The holes on the prototype help light to penetrate through.


The bamboo speaker. Inspired by nature, I wanted to design a speaker that has a natural amplifier quality. From the shape of a bamboo, it has a hollow interior, which in this case allows sound to travel hence serves the purpose of a speaker.


Planning: Sketches


End Result: iSPAMP Bamboo Speaker

Comes with light up function! Serves the purpose of both a night lamp and a phone speaker. Double edge sword okay, so grab yours now.


Mnemosyne’s Scent: Final


This is a project done by Zhenqi and I.  Before anything else, this is both of our Mnemosyne’s prototype:

left scent: diffuser & ex bf’s jacket right scent: softlan & iodine solution


Our idea on Garden of Eden?


These are the main characteristics that define the Garden of Eden:

  • Etheral 
  • Magical
  • Delicate


Based on our previous prototypes, as well as the overarching theme, we worked towards creating our final 4 statements of accessories.

Our Colour Scheme :

  • BLUE
  • GOLD
  • TRANSPARENT (Plastic)



Incorporating the design concept from my previous prototype, we re-created a headpiece and injected the “ETHEREAL” element into it. By using slightly more exaggerated differences in the length of plastic and the involvement of dried scented flowers that smells like fresh morning spring.


Our initial idea was to make use of melted plastic as the foundation of the cuff. However, we realised that the metal wires were just as handy and malleable! Hence, we tweaked the wires in several different directions so that it forms a nice flowing arch when placed on the ear of the wearer. In the later part of the development, we stuck on dried flowers into the loops so that we can keep the overall theme in check.


This is a fashion accessory that is to be pinned on the chest of the wearer. In this scenario, the wearer will be wearing a “white robe” (or rather curtains lol). This piece is made from melted strips of plastics alongside metal wires at the stem of the product. If you observe closely, the flower on the inside of the metal wires is dangling on a thread. This is adapted from our previous prototype, where the central piece appears to be hanging on a piece of wire.


This is the concluding piece of our accessories collection hehe. We wanted to come up with a comprehensive set of apparel, so hence we made a belt too! This will hold the white robe in place together, all in all creating a more aesthetic and put together look for our wearer. We coiled the wires repeatedly and adorned it with more blue/gold/silver flowers! It looked so cute!

up close and personal



 A collage of all of our apparel design!



Awkward. Sorry 🙁

We also made some amendments to the ear cuff along the way! 



Alright, ciaos!