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間 MA’s City of Voids: Soundscape & Model

Hello World!

To kickstart the post for City of Voids, our first lesson focused on the idea of making music and translating intangible sounds into tangible 3D Models. As such, here we have our sounds (sound 1 & 2), do give it a listen!

Sound 2:

Sound 1:


Sound 2 is created with these instruments:

Left to right: Finger Cymbals, Egg Shaker, Metallophone

Sound 1 is created with these instruments:

Left to right: Finger Cymbals, Rhythm Sticks, Metallophone


Shots of my 3D Model:


Calculations that made up my Model:

Tone Bar: 8 beats

Finger Cymbal: 1 beat + 3 seconds of echoes = 4 beats of 8

Rhythm Sticks: 2 beats of 8

Tone Bar: Dominant – Long note. It is the recurring beat that repeated itself throughout the entire time, like the skeleton that supports the ongoing melody. The duration of the sound is long since it is heard most of the time. Since the material of the instrument is made of metal and it gives off a metallic sound that reverbs constantly in your ear, I did a see-through wired concept for the sound box. It brings about the idea of airiness and reflects the metal-like “clanking” noise made, hence the material choice.

Finger Cymbals: Sub-Dominant – Long, echoey note. This beat lasts for roughly 5 seconds whenever it was cued to ring. The ringing has a reverberation effect that stretches and fade off. The shape of the metal is shaped into 3 spheres so as to reflect the idea of roundness and echo in the sound produced. This is the image I formed in my head when I think of the sound it created.

Rhythm Sticks: Sub-Ordinate – Short note. The reclining “steps” that spirals diagonally across the cube emphasised on the consistent rhythmic beat from the melody. I imagined it to be the supporting beat on top of the base note (Tone bar), giving the melody and an extra something.


The Direction of Soundwave: 

Yellow: Dominant (Tone bar) | Blue: Sub-Dominant (Finger Cymbals) | Red: Sub-Ordinate (Rhythm Sticks)

Recorded Soundwave Pattern:


Will see you in the next post! Ciaos.