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VAROOM – On final

Hello y’all! This is a post on the final outcome of my Varoom magazine cover design, with the chosen topic as “Obsession“. As a continuation from the research and conceptualising post, we will now be discussing the different aspects of my (hopefully) final layout design. To rewind back a little, my concept is based on the Japanese contemporary artist, Yayoi Kusama, who is often known for her bright red wig and quirky polka-dot ensembles, which is one aspect which makes her instantly recognisable. 

I was inspired but how strong a woman she is, as she overcame her many childhood trauma (which includes rape, gender discrimination, and several disorders), prejudice and mental illness to become a sensation late in life.  

“Kusama’s desire to create was always greater than her desire to die.” – this is one commentary about her which inspired me in so many weird ways, it makes me realise how tiny my problems are.

With this being my chosen idea, we will now proceed on to the execution + completion phase.


Watch my illustration progress in the videos below:


Here is the final layout on Yayoi Kusama after much corrections!


And here are some visual mockups: 


Read on my conceptualising process here!