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The Tale of Two Cities

Posted by Balachander Prashanthi on Sunday, 21 January 2018


Bringing you live today: The Tale of Two Cities

What kind of city, you ask? Its City hall station and City Square Mall, the location where the both of us were lived at. The main aim of this video is to match each other to someone/somebody that fits the criteria given by each of us. Alongside me we have our spontaneous teammate, Bala!

Then, we’ll begin searching once the live video starts. The challenge comes in where the both of us have to find someone suitable within a span of 15 minutes, which makes it really tricky – its a race with time! Apart from the whole finding the “Mr Right” thingy, we will be posting them questions that relay back to the criteria set out by my teammate.

For instance, Bala’s Top 3 criteria she looks for in a man is:

1. Tall (above 1.75m)

2. Sense of humour

3. Witty (Can be tested from the way he interacts with the questions posted)

cr: http://www.modearea.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/1486437588_maxresdefault-1280×640.jpg

We conducted a street style interview together with our “potential candidate”, and before the interview draws to a close, a final question will be posted to the guy – “Will you swipe right on her on Tinder?” If the answer is YES, then it’s a match! Simple as that. Both of them have a form a heart with their hands in the middle of the split-screen. We thought by conducting a street style interview, it would heighten the engagement level, bringing in an extra element of surprise to the video content.

Indoor VS Outdoor setting:

While Bala conducted her interviews within the area of an indoor shopping mall, I did mine along the Singapore River. It was a contrast between indoor and an open-air area which I thought would make a pretty interesting juxtaposition in terms of ambient noise and the kind of scenery we can observe floating by in the background of the video. This would be an interesting point to note during the running of the clip.

Experiment in Social Broadcasting

don’t press play.

Posted by Felicia Chua on Thursday, 18 January 2018

Hello people.

This is me documenting my very first Facebook live. Basically, we walked around school for a bit and alsoooooo, here are some of my new friends HAHAHA. Alright, I’ll wrap up here. Hope y’all like it.


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