Week 2 – Further Improvisation on 3D Model

Hello, World.

(Oh no, I suck at doing intro, let’s have a cliche one k) Continuing from previous week’s progress, we have now come to the improvisation phase!  To recap, the assigned word was: Half.

I searched it up on google and its definition came up to – “either of two equal or corresponding parts into which something is or can be divided.” 


Presenting our first 3D model: The Human Barricade

Applying what I have learned from today’s lesson, I registered the ‘Wedging’ and ‘Piercing’ concept into my first 3D Model. The little gap on the Dominant foam gives it an interesting visual, which is known as the Void (1/3 unoccupied). Additionally, I added in a horizontal foam that brings about the pierced through concept. Overall, the key idea was to develop into a Human Barricade alike structure that can withstand heavy weights.



Presenting our second 3D model: The Wing Chun Wooden Dummy 

(Damn this is so unlike me…) Anyway, had one of the Sub-Ordinate foam pierced through the body of a Dominant foam. It was a lot of reshaping and cutting and slicing down before I manage to settle with this one. Hmm, on second thoughts, I might need to shave one of them down further. We’ll see…


& lastly, here’s the 2-Dimensional Sketch Analysis!


In summation, some of the key pointers I have acquired through this lesson were:

  1. Cantilever: A long projecting beam fixed at one end, used in bridge construction
  2. Gestalt Principle:  Where the sum of the whole is greater than it’s part
  3. Wedging: Cutting out a section, wedging another object in between the cut-out
  4. Piercing: When one box literally go through another
  5. Cradling: When an object is stuck between 2 others


(Happen to suck at doing an outro too, so…)

Toodles! wink

1 thought on “Week 2 – Further Improvisation on 3D Model

  1. cherylheng

    Never mind the ‘ INtros’ & ‘ OUTros’ just focus on differentiating your D, SD & SO rectilinear volumes Felicia. I still see similar dimensions in both your 3D Sketch Models .

    Good that you are experimenting with  wedging & piercing but be careful that it doesn’t confuse the D , SD & SO relationships. For instance, the SO is too long in Model 1 rivalling with the D. It should pierce through the SD instead along it’s thickness to maintain the D, SD, SO relationships. The same thing is reoccurring in Model 2.

    Remember to keep D, SD & SO relationships consistent  4/6 viewpoints. It’s at best 2/6 in both your compositions. Ask a friend for assistance if you are unable to see this yourself.

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