Object that Fascinates – Research & Finalisation

What is one object that fascinates me:

•       TIME      

Watch tells time. It has always been something that fascinates me deeply. Time has no shadow, neither does it take any physical form. Yet, it is way more precious than anything else on earth.

They say, “Time is money.”, but I beg to differ. Time is priceless. It cannot be quantified into figures like how money do. You can always earn back the money that is lost. How about time? Can you recover time?

We always hesitate in the face of challenges, and many a time, good opportunities, telling ourselves that there will be ‘next time’. Hence, we postpone doing good things, doing things we love, and eventually, setting our dreams aside altogether.

Time once gone, is gone for ever. Only in photographs can time stands still. We should make the most of our everyday life, just like the saying – Carpe Diem.

Hence, through this series of photographing an apparatus that tells time, I want to make use of this opportunity to remind myself the value of time.

Research: Mindmap/Thought Process


Artist Inspiration:  Bobby Kiran Yeo, @bobbykiranyeo

Taken from: https://www.instagram.com/bobbykiranyeo/

Core Concepts & Photography Style:

  • Advertorial Style
  • Color wise: Strong dominant hue
  • Modern minimalist

My Interpretation of Time:

The first and second images were shot in low light. This setting can be easily manipulated because it is moody and evocative. I shot this in low shuttle speed so that I can introduce some amount of blur in my photograph. I am looking to shoot my item at a place which will bring across the feel of timelessness which will reflect the mood I want to bring across.

Photographs were shot in raw so that I could adjust the color temperature in post production phase. In this case, I selectively desaturated some of the core colors, e.g: green and blue.

The other few:

My World: https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/qchua007/my-world-research-finalisation/

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