Week 5 Post

Creating Tutorial


Since my theme is created for OSS users, it’s important to get feedback from them and change my theme accordingly. However, the students who have just got their OSS sites may not know how to change their themes and may be confused of how to test it. Therefore, I created an introduction to my theme Plum Blossom and it is also a testing tutorial for them to follow. I hope it can help theme know more about OSS as well as my theme.

Close-up of watercolor paint cubes and a paintbrush

The tutorial is a page on my site: https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/qibo0001/plum-blossom-introduction-and-testing-guide/.  I encourage students to leave comments in the comment area of the page and hopefully there will be a discussion.

In the process of the creating this tutorial, I learnt that I must stand in the shoes of the students. First, they don’t know about OSS as much as I do so I must explain all the things that may confuse them, like how to change the theme and how to use the Customizer. Second, they don’t have much time and passion to do such a testing, so only important things are included. Things like the Page Template is removed from the tutorial. Third, I need to be specific about what is the thing I want students to pay attention to in each part, like the font size, line height, and link color. Lastly, I need to remind students of the questions again at the end of my tutorial in case they have forgotten them.

Theme Palette

This week I continued developing my second theme, which is call Palette.

  • The infinite scroll will not work if the widget area is longer than content area. I tried several ways to solve it and decided to use the “See More” button.

see more infinite

  • It is generally responsive now.
  • Three color schemes are added to the Customizer so that users can choose the overall color scheme. The final colors are not settled yet but the functionality is okay now. I will added more individual color settings like header background color, menu background color and so on. I want to give users full color control.

color scheme color scheme2 color scheme3

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