4D Final Project – “Where Is She?”

For our last project of this semester, we had to do it in groups so I worked with Xuan Wei, Shi Min and Nicholas.

Here’s our group’s proposal to know more about our work:



Our group project was focused on making use of sound effects and immersing our audience into our story.  So we decided to do something like a “40-part Motet” work, where Janet Cardiff uses speakers filled with different kinds of sounds to pull the audiences in.  However, for our work, these sounds are coming from people that are having a conversation – where a story unfolds about a lost girl and in the midst of it, the audience have to uncover who is the prime suspect for her loss by paying attention to the conversation. We got this idea from “Serial” podcast and for our story it was inspired by the true story of Huang Na’s disappearance. We used that as a strong concept behind our final work.


We used 3 speakers, 1 panning out 2 on their own where each speaker voices out. Since we as the characters are telling the story, we had to test out numerous times to do our recordings. This is because we really needed to be in character. (as seen below, the amount of recordings taken to get the perfect one)

For more of our processes – to hear more of our recordings, to see the script we came up with to build our storyline, the different tries in trying to stay in character (bloopers too), click this link:


We decided to have the final sound art in the Cinema Room @ The ADM Library, this is so as to get the audience more involved in the story by simply listening to the speaker talking, and concentrating on nothing else visually. Just the sounds. We also decided that for final presentation, our story will be divided into 3 portions so that the 1st group that enters will only be allowed to choose 1 of the 3 stories to have a listen. Similarly for the rest of the group that participates in this. This is so that we could give them the full experience of immersing into the story, by concentrating on the characters through their sounds, the tones of their voices at certain timings and such.

In the google docs it also provides our final installation, and how it end up being played. Do take a look at it! It’s been a fun and tiring process doing this, but we made it and this is a new experience I will never forget.

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