4D Sequencing Images – “Am I Pretty Now?”


So in my group, there’s Bala, Hui En, Karen and me. We had 3 different stories. Mine was about  a friend whose life was going downhill when he took drugs and that was when our friendship just kind of strained. I wanted to continue the story in a positive light where he changed into a better person after NS.

Bala’s story was about a friend who was smart and also pretty, everyone in school would tell her to be a model. Hui En’s story was about her friend from boarding school, and how she see her change drastically in terms of looks by going for a lot of plastic surgery. She could not even recognise her friend after.

AND SO, we decided to go with Hui En’s idea and make our own continuation because someway somehow when we discussed, our ideas clicked on the idea of Fantasy/Tragedy coming from her story.

We came up with our storyboard and some of the props we needed.

(Leaving this space to post the fuller version once it’s edited properly!)

RESEARCH (for task 2):

In terms of image, I wanted the dark warm tone, but at the same time focusing on the lighting exposure on certain images to focus on the protagonist and depending on the mood at that point of time.

One of the films I was inspired by was Pan’s Labryinth (2006) as we were leaning towards the idea of Fantasy. And I wanted to focus more on ‘Dark Fantasy’ which was what this film is all about.

Because I loved the film, I went to look at Guillermo del Toro’s (the film director and producer of this film) other works such as Crimson Peak (2015).

I loved how he managed to use dark tones to portray the dark mood. Which was what I wanted in some of my photos.

I  tried out B&W just to see how different the effect will feel and look. I changed it to a slightly warmer tone to make a vintage-y effect as I thought it will look good. I added on a whimsical creepy music to further portray the dark fantasy. But overall, I didn’t quite like it because I felt that it looked better with colour hence I decided this one should just be a trailer. And I did another for the main image sequencing. (the one way below)

I guess it was really tough for me in the process of this project because of the editing, as I was not familiar with any of the professional video app such as Audience CC or Premiere Pro. I was only familiar with iMovie BUT on my iPhone, not on Mac book pro. SIGH. So there was still alot to learn. Overall I think I like how it turned out. It could be better if I learn to better pace out my time during the process.



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