2D Forrest Gump – Silkscreen process and Final Outcome

Ah. A new learning point again…..SILKSCREEN, YAY. It was my first time trying it out and it takes patience for the process but the outcome of it all amazed me.

Here’s the red room where most of the silkscreen processes were done.

That’s me holding my work printed on transparency paper.


Preparing to do the silkscreen.
Washing away the blue stuff on it to get the pattern out.
This is before all that blue stuff is being poured on it, also before washing them off. This is to heat it to get the pattern to sort of stay on the silkscreen material permanently.
Ready to put on clothe.


TA DAAAA ahhh see why it amazes me now?

Before doing it on all the above bags, in the previous lesson I tried it out on paper and just ragged cloth first to test it out. What I learnt was to control the amount of ink you want to put on your silkscreen, as it will affect the outcome of it – you want the ink to seep into the blank spaces ┬ájust enough to look decent on paper/cloth.

Done on the previous lesson.

So in the end, for my final outcome, this is it:

This was a challenging project because firstly I’m a beginner in photoshop and so I had no photoshop skills but I try and try and ask for help again and again in a short period of time. Although I felt that I could have done much better for the below two works printed on paper (as seen above), I knew I improved further on my works as seen on the 2 works placed above them.

Learning point to myself is: Don’t be scared to try new things and ASK for help. And maybe next time input what you learn from your presentation such as the principles of Gestalt into your projects. Take what you can from those presentations in class and use them into your works, that’s the whole point of learning new things after all.