Experimental Interaction: FINAL project

Groupmates: Jing Yi, Felicia, Yuol Mae, Me (Qistina)

For our final, we had numerous ideas but could not come up with a concrete good one. Either way, it is important to show the research and ideas we had throughout, that leads us to our main idea. That way you can see our progress! The link below is the document to our initial ideas (not the main one):


From there, you can see the brainstorming that eventually led us to come up with a proper game idea: A Lost Dementia Person in IKEA. The link below will lead you to the important processes noted down in the making of our interactive game – how we included DIWO and the Third Space as well.


REFLECTION: After going through everything in the above, there were definitely some setbacks and challenges in the process of the game. When we tried doing the trial run first, we realised that we are confused with the posts Yuolmae (the Lost Dementia Person in this game) posted on the functions of Instagram (Instagram Story and Posts). This was a huge problem because as players on that trial run day, we did not understand how to even play it. The goal wasn’t met and we were stuck. We then realised that it was because we did not have proper instructions, restrictions and purpose in our game.

Another challenge was on the real game day. This was because somehow Yuolmae wasn’t at a hiding spot and roamed around close to where she gave her clues at, which made it easier for the players to find her when it was not even past half an hour.  So maybe we should have made it more challenging. But overall, I really loved this Final Project and what we have come up with for it. It’s a new experience, a good one with cooperative teammates, and I definitely learn something too along the way. Think big, and really put yourself in the game like as if you are the player. Or even the missing person.

And last but not least, here is the link to our short video of the game. Enjoy.


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