Form and Visualisation: Process of bag making and final


My focus for this project of bag making (prototype) is on two things:

cushiony and water-resistant


(inserts picture of sketches)


Materials used: black biodegradable bag, round hard styrofoam, hardcover plastic, cotton wool and thin sponges made to slot into bags.

For my cushion bag, I wanted it to be in a circular shape. So I place it on top of the black bag and cut it according to the shape. The back and front cover of my bag will be made out of the black bag cover.

Using double-sided tape to attach the cushion sides. This black fabric portion will serve as the front and back sides of the bag.

I was inspired by the cushion idea below and I wanted my front bag to look as close as that.

So I cut out the thin sponges in circular sizes, about 4 of them – 2 to be attached to front cover. 2 to be attached to the back.

Because I want my bag to feel cushiony and comfortable for users to use, I need those thin cushions to be stuffed in. I also cut out 2 cardboards of the same size and shape to ensure the front and back of my bag has a backbone.

I wanted my prototype to be durable AND sturdy, hence I thought of making use of the hardcover plastic so it wouldn’t be too flimsy. By attaching it to the sides of the circular front and back using super-glue, it ensures the sturdiness, at least at the side of the bag. (as seen below)

I also used cotton wool as I wanted to show that I want my bag to be as comfy as a cushion so I pasted the wool at the front side of my bag.

As for the straps, I decided to follow closely to my normal bag’s straps measurement. I then cut the measurement of length 44cm to 5cm breadth out from the sponges.

I glued everything together using super-glue as it was hard to stick real materials together.

In the end, it did not look aesthetically pleasing but that was not the point. I made it in such a way that people (and even me) can see that the material was what I was focusing on the entire time.

And reflection: Making a bag that is actually functional like the way I want it to be and has its aesthetics, is not easy. You gotta work your way around it for quite a while to figure how you want to do it right.

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