Illustration For Designers: Birth of the Moonspring Fairies event (PROCESS + FINAL)

We are into the final project for illustrations! I had fun ideating and creating deliverables for this project so without further ado, let’s begin.

I grew up watching numerous Disney movies, be it animated or the latter. But my favourite, the one that I could watch over and over again even at this age, would be Peter Pan! And Tinkerbell. Anything to do with either one of them, I adore the most. So I decided this final ‘event’ we have to create illustration designs for, would be fitting for me to come up with something to do with the Tinkerbell world! A SMALL WORLD INDEED.

If you had a childhood watching these Disney movies, then I hope you’ve watched Tinkerbell movie and know what Pixie Hollow is! If not, below is the brief explanation of the place I was inspired from (which is Pixie Hollow) and what this event is all about. I briefly described my ideation too 🙂

So based on the above pictures, my inspiration for my sketches are detailed works yet minimal. Some are inspired by designs of medieval and vintage designs. This is the look I want to go for! Minimal yet medieval.

Here are a few initial sketches.

Like King Midas (haha), I turned these sketches into gold.

I made 2 new sketches that will be part of my designs as well 🙂 Turned them into gold too.

My geometric-styled version of a full moon
A flower made out of the wings drawing I did

Then I made my first deliverable:

  1. Invitation card along with an envelope to the Birth of Moonspring fairies

Here’s a close-up – I put my design on the envelope and the wax seal too.

My next deliverable is

2. Pouches for the new fairies much needed pixie-dusts – for day and night

Needing the pixie-dust for day time

And for night time if needed to run errands or work late – get that pixie-dust from the night-time pouch for that extra boost!

I created 2 different pouches so maybe the pixie-dust can be rationed just enough for them!

3. Minimal design on potion jars for each Moonspring fairies who need to catch their ‘moonlight’, their ‘spring flowers’, and one extra for themselves (the middle one)

The process behind this was to also create minimal medieval borders (the ones to see below) to make everything look sleek.

This is actually the end for this submission sadly (what I could offer in due time but know I could do more). If there’s one thing I’d like to work on more is definitely coming up with patterns and a few more illustrations for this event, because I like this event and maybe when I have more time I’ll do so for my own creation!  🙂 (soon hopefully)

Thank you for your guidance Lisa, as always it is much appreciated.

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