Micro-Project 7 – Video Selfie

When we were asked to do this project, to mimic our favourite artist’s (singers, painters, actors etc) persona, I knew for sure who I wanted to be.

Melanie Martinez.

She is an American singer who became famous because of her appearance on The Voice. She has this crazy, sad, childish persona and even dressed as one in all her music videos such as Pity Party, Dollhouse, Cry Baby, Pacify Her and more.

Bits and pieces of her persona in the music video are shown in her actions such as playing with dolls, cracking their head, playing with soft toys and cutting them when she’s upset, being upset at random timing, screaming, laughing and crying. I’m in love with her music videos because her acting and emotions makes her persona so real in them. And because of that persona she portrays, she manages to bring out the meaning behind her music videos very well.

So what I did to mimic her was to dress up close to her: bright-coloured dress, piggy-tailed hairstyle that’s usually associated with some kiddy style, red lips make-up because she always has dark coloured or bright coloured full on lipstick on her lips. I decided to do fake freckles on my face too using eyeliner.

Then i did the setting in my room, on the bed with some of me and my sister’s soft toys and a knife to show how crazy I am to play with something so dangerous that can cut, along with the soft toys and myself (who can bleed).

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Now time to draw the curtains. I’m a mess.




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