My application for 3D Pandora’s Box FINAL

I don’t know if this was overdue but i’m gonna share it anyway. [hi Ms Cheryl I have already included the link on my previous post on ‘progress’  stated below like you wanted] Before I go into the details, here is the link to my previous posts on my 3D Pandora Progress (the 1st link) and my 3D Pandora Final (the 2nd link)

3D Pandora – Progress Towards Final ‘Counter-Balance’ Structure

3D Pandora – Final ‘Counter-Balance’ Structure

So my application for my structure would be a hugeeee shower panel for the public’s usage that could cater to more than 5 people at once. Meaning, it could be placed at swimming pool areas or especially at the beaches where people need to take some rinse before and after getting into the waters.

I apologise if i can only afford to draw stickman here……but yeah they are bathing there.

In the 1st picture below, if you see closely, I changed up the material for the SO digitally by using marble colour because I decided the marble material would be better when we are using this in wet areas as it last longer when we talk about non-corrosion or rust (they don’t rust). In the following pictures after, I decided to decorate the shower panels with colours of turquoise-blue and water droplets as it resembles well with the idea of shower, water and the surroundings.

Yeah I took a long time editing and moving the cubes to the right places for this but my drawing ends up looking horrid to show what my application would be like, my apologies. frown I hope it still makes sense!

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