Picture Story – Curating Self (Task 2: My World)



Here in this place that fascinates me, the rooftop park in Vivo City – that’s where it is. Maybe it’s common to most, but when the sun sets, dusk arrives and night time lingers, that’s my favourite place at my favourite timing. Everyone just starts to leave, the young couples will stay, one or two close friends will sit and stare at the sea feeling the cozy breeze and talk about life. You sit there alone but somehow you don’t feel lonely. You are filled with these deep conversations around you, shared feelings, away from the buzz life, stars right above you and some nights the moon appears as clear as the night sky. These little moments makes a part of who I am. I like it here.

Under this task, I added a prop to further explore the ways I could convey the world that is significant to me. I used fairy lights to further portray the feel in the photos. I guess when I’m present there in Vivo City’s rooftop, I feel a sense of lightness – like  as if the weight of the world on my shoulders has been lifted, and so the prop is significant in symbolising the light that I am in the midst of the darkness.

I like it when the sun sets because sometimes you really see a different gradient in colour in the sky and it’s just so beautiful. And when night time comes the lights surrounding you are of different colours, it reminds me of little pixie fairies with coloured flashlight tails that you can only see from afar.

There’s a vast space here and nature (the sea, the swaying palm trees) plays a part in making it seem more peaceful even though sometimes the ships comes sailing in.

The idea of me holding the book is to show how books are a symbolism of imagination and you get yourself lost in stories. In  here, I get myself immersed in the surroundings, looking like I am comfortable with it and I can be here alone in my own world. It’s a lovely feeling. Away from all the busy life.

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