Graphic Form: Image Making Through Type (Process)

After all the job search done, I have decided on being an Astrologer, Chocolatier, Landscape Designer and Contemporary Dancer.

Process for typography of job for:


I was inspired by a few things I’ve researched on when i think about “astrologer” such as the ones below:

Astrologist zodiac chart
The bright stars – galaxy
Planets orbiting around one another and meteors

So I based my main sketch for Astrologer on these:

I cut out different sizes of the circle to create the astrologist/zodiac chart, so that they will look popped up on the board I pasted it on. I needed it popped up so that it looks like it has the same kind of thickness as the planets i’m creating later on later on.

Painted these circles as gold, white/silver – the constellations are drawn in white pen. Hence the three colours I have for this are just going to be black, white/silver, gold.

Using styrofoam balls and painted them to make the gold/silver/black planets
The logo that’s sticking out is my horoscope sign – a Scorpio, and I purposely made it pop out so it will add to the line on letter ‘Q’

Initially I just wanted to use fairy lights to make the stars and constellations so as to create the ‘I’ in my name and for my background. But I also incorporated what Mimi told me to do which is using party light sticks! This is so that it will have almost the same “thickness” or width as the rest of the letters in my name in this specific work.

Without light exposure
With light exposure

And of course I had to do some editing using light-room and photoshop to get the contrast and bring out the bright light and covering up the wire liens of the fairy lights.


Photoshopping in the making


And that above is my final for Astrologer!


I was excited to get started on this because it’s something I haven’t done in a long time – designing and decorating like as if it’s my own backyard haha.

To start off:

Making the little pool out of my letter using wood and  small pebbles.

Adding the fake trees, cactus for decor and bushes with little yellow flowers surrounding it
Basically a big mess for something that looks small!
Close to finishing, going to paint the inner part of the pool to blue to make it look real


I had to melt the chocolates first to get the gooey-melting effect.

Initially thought of this idea where the chocolate melts are in the bowl and the spatula too so it could make into my initial ‘Q’ but that would be too simple.

Pouring the chocolate melts slowly hoping to get the effect:

Final before photoshop!


Processes of my drawings:

I erased some parts of the white off because I wanted more shadows and to really have more prominent lines on their bodies.

Finished drawing but before photshop

I had to do some editing in photoshop too to have more contrast and emphasise more on the white outline on them for the movement.

Next post will show my final results!