2D Forrest Gump – Silkscreen process and Final Outcome

Ah. A new learning point again…..SILKSCREEN, YAY. It was my first time trying it out and it takes patience for the process but the outcome of it all amazed me.

Here’s the red room where most of the silkscreen processes were done.

That’s me holding my work printed on transparency paper.


Preparing to do the silkscreen.
Washing away the blue stuff on it to get the pattern out.
This is before all that blue stuff is being poured on it, also before washing them off. This is to heat it to get the pattern to sort of stay on the silkscreen material permanently.
Ready to put on clothe.


TA DAAAA ahhh see why it amazes me now?

Before doing it on all the above bags, in the previous lesson I tried it out on paper and just ragged cloth first to test it out. What I learnt was to control the amount of ink you want to put on your silkscreen, as it will affect the outcome of it – you want the ink to seep into the blank spaces  just enough to look decent on paper/cloth.

Done on the previous lesson.

So in the end, for my final outcome, this is it:

This was a challenging project because firstly I’m a beginner in photoshop and so I had no photoshop skills but I try and try and ask for help again and again in a short period of time. Although I felt that I could have done much better for the below two works printed on paper (as seen above), I knew I improved further on my works as seen on the 2 works placed above them.

Learning point to myself is: Don’t be scared to try new things and ASK for help. And maybe next time input what you learn from your presentation such as the principles of Gestalt into your projects. Take what you can from those presentations in class and use them into your works, that’s the whole point of learning new things after all.


2D Forrest Gump – Process

Just to refresh back from previous post. These are my final quotes:

“To infinity and beyond.” by Buzz Lightyear from the movie ‘Toy Story’

“We don’t get to choose our time.” by The Ancient One from the movie ‘Dr Strange’

“Don’t grow up, it’s a trap.” by Peter from the movie ‘Peter Pan’

“I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now and live in it forever.” by Peeta from the movie ‘The Hunger Games’

Inititially I wanted to focus more on the quote from Peter Pan – “Don’t grow up it’s a trap”. So here are my processes:

I focused on the idea of “trap” and not “growing up”. Since i didn’t have photoshop initially, I sketched my first idea out which was having the innocent but “scared” Wendy look being trapped through the symbolism of hands around her. ( as seen below)

But after consultation, my professor and I agreed that it looked like as if she’s being groped or molested and that was definitely not how i want it to come across.

So i came up with a few more ideas. Why not Wendy being trapped in a mousetrap and the stuff that she is going for is a ‘dream house’ that resembles adulthood? Which was also part of growing up? (seen below)

But in the end I didn’t like how it turned out as it looked abit literal, and i wanted a minimalistic kind of work which was not represented here.

I tried using the cage as a trap instead and a huge hand that was suppose to resemble the ‘bigger’ person in adulthood. And the ghostly-shaped blackhole was suppose to represent her going into a ‘lost’ zone once  she grows up.


I liked where i was going from here but i felt that some things was abit off for example: Wendy is too literal here, I didn’t want people to know who or what this person is suppose to be. And I felt that the blackhole was taking most of the attention hence it was not necessary for it to be there in the first place. And then I had an idea where the big hand could be replaced by a hook, you know, to put a touch of Captain Hook (the evil man) in the movie Peter Pan.

So then I ended up with the one below, and I liked it.

I used a normal innocent-looking girl that looks slightly lost hence the circular motions behind to represent her state of confusion and lost after being trapped in the cage, stopping her from growing. Ands this cage supposedly comes from an evil thing or person, as symbolised from the hook, the hook which in Peter Pan’s context, is part of a grown man that is evil (hence representing adulthood).

That’s for my final idea for the quote on “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap.”

For the quote: “We don’t get to choose our time” – Dr Strange, I chose to do a simple one where the man is in an hour glass, trying to grab hold of time itself as seen from him floating grasping for something that he couldn’t. (seen below)

But i felt that the lines could have been clearer to show that it is an hour glass. Also the reason for the water inside the hour glass is to show the illusion, since in the movie Dr Strange they played with illusions and time very well. They were intertwined, which was what I tried to do here.

For the quote  “I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now, and live in it forever.” – The Hunger Games, I wanted to put both the silhoutte of Katniss and Peeta in an ice cube to show like as if they ARE in the moment, and frozen in it – like as if that ice cube is also their home to live in. (seen below)

I just felt that it was too simple, maybe i could have added a slight touch of simple geometrical designs behind? Hmmm.

Aaanyways here comes my favourite work of all for the quote on “To infinity and beyond.” – Toy Story. Like the movie Peter Pan, I grew up watching this too and I will never get tired of it. I focused on the keywords of “infinity” and “beyond”.

To portray the infinity, I made it look like theres a galaxy behind and also include the circular portion as circles are always the clsoest to symbolise something infinite. Oooh and the planets in there too because when I think of infinity, i think of the vast space and galaxies which have planets included.

To represent the beyond, the triangular pedestal infront of the man is suppose to portray the fact that there’s a horizon and BEYOND that is something more, something infinite. Hence to infinity and beyond. I added a touch of Buzz Lightyear (the character who said this in Toy Story) in it as seen from the ‘bagpack’ design in the man’s hoodie at the back, because that’s the rocket ‘bagpack’ Buzz had on him.

I did another as a process:

Buttttt I didn’t like it.

Overall I ended up liking the work above this one the most because I made use of the background space and to me this may not be so minimalistic but it was aesthetically pleasing, and it shows the huge meaning behind it.

I was excited to see this on my totebag so…..let’s go all infinity annnnnd beyoooonnnddd!


2D Forrest Gump – Quotes & Inspo Research

On my previous post I only talked about the quotes itself (link below) that I was interested in using,

2D Forrest Gump – Quotes

but I decided to add on new ones which will be part of my finalised quotes (plus using some from previous post) behind my final works.

The new ones that I will be focusing on is:

“To infinity and beyond.” by Buzz Lightyear from the movie ‘Toy Story’


“We don’t get to choose our time.” by The Ancient One from the movie ‘Dr Strange’ 

In overall, the all 4 final quotes behind my works will be those stated above and 2 from the previous post which are:

“Don’t grow up, it’s a trap.” by Peter from the movie ‘Peter Pan’


“I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now and live in it forever.” by Peeta from the movie ‘The Hunger Games’


One of my inspirations for illustration is this artist named Dan Hillier

and another from an Instagram user called @oasis_of_hate.

The reason being, some of their works focus on filling the empty white spaces and made good use of it. Some managed to give off the dark-fantasy effect with the use of black portions and that was something I was inclining towards.

I was also intrigued by how in some of Dan Hillier’s works, he makes use of geometry or cubes as his background or part of his illustration (such as the one below) and I wanted to do the same in my works.

Above all, most of the good illustration-artists have one thing in common: their works are centralised and minimalistic hence giving it a touch of simplicity. I strive to achieve that in my works.