VC: Project 2 – Mindmap + Moodboard


My chosen animal is a Black Panther and I’m sticking with it for this project as well. Here’s my mindmap!

And the link below will direct you to the pdf of my mood boards. 🙂

Black Panther mood board

All 3 mood board have almost the same set of colours.

But the 1st one is more on the agility and lust aspect of a black panther.

The 2nd focuses more on the mystical wildlife creature it is, and how perhaps I could show that through its surroundings as well.

Similarly with the 3rd, but it has a touch of danger amidst the mystical, something that should be feared (and that’s true about my chosen animal!)

I have yet to pick a mood board since I do like all as it encompasses what my animal is. Maybe I’ll know soon.

(This is a late post and I apologise. In the meantime, have a good day!)

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  1. HI Qistina

    Thanks for sharing your progress. I love moodboard 2 and the addition of a little pink tone to the work to give it some heat! I think using a neon blue/green is also a great idea and really expresses the mysticism and secretive nature of this creature. Just make sure to retain some contrast so it doesn’t become too dark. (print always looks darker than on screen) Keep this in mind and you have a really clear visual direction. 🙂 Lisa

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