Typography chapter 1: Artist Research

Artist reference

Atelier Pariri.
Using lines to form a word.

research 1

 Paper cutting and layering technique.

research 2

Yulia Brodskaya

The artist uses two simple materials-paper and glue, and a simple technique that involves the placement of carefully cut and bent strips of paper -to make lush, vibrant, three-dimensional paper artworks.

“Paper always held a special fascination for me. I’ve tried many deferent methods and techniques of working with it, until I found the way that has turned out to be ‘the one’ for me: now I draw with paper instead of on it”. – YULIA BRODSKAYA

research 3

Besides researching the artist on the internet, I went to adm library to search for typography books as well. Here are some photos and idea from a book that inspired and left a strong impression in me.


scan 2 scan 6scan 3 scan 4 scan 5


Image (7)


Image (5)Image (2)


Henna inspired typography.

Henna considered a way of expressing happiness and style at the same time. To me, henna is feminine and alluring as most women use henna to decorate their hands with beautiful ornament.

research 4

Is it a photo or painting? The scanner effect is made up of 2 main factors:

  • Scanner’s camera has very high resolution, creating detailed and sharp images.
  • All the objects are placed on a flat plane, with nothing in the background.

The lack of perspective and depth results in a unique image capture, giving three dimensional objects a partially flat appearance. This special effect gives a touch of the surreal to the image, somewhere between fantasy and reality.

research 5

I was inspired by scanography and tried out my own version as well.

Shan 2 Shan




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