Typography chapter 5: Work in progress

My paper cut attempt: to portray the depth of the box.

I had this idea while researching on this project. At first I wanted to make a Pandora’s box for myself. Using just black and white papers and tiny little foams, I created a sense of depth in the composition.  However, I feel that the workmanship is not there and the structure itself is quite fragile…so in the end I decided to forgo the idea.

My attempts to arrange the compositions and create the types:

My questions during the group consultations – Is it okay without a background or is it too plain? What should I include in background?  Should I manipulate the drawings digitally? Any idea how I should portray the last panel – hope?

My (failed) attempts to manipulate my drawings digitally:

I tried to find a lot of different boxes as the background:

It was a disaster…

curiosity box

curiosity 2

curious 1

My ‘dabao’ (Takeaways) from the group consultations: 
  • Can try using negative spaces to portray the word. In that way, the background is not too blank.
  • Try using another symbol to represent hope in the last panel because the whole series are related to symbolism.
  • It is not necessary for digital manipulation if it is not fitting.
The process of making the real box and the layers in between.
20160216_161641 (1)
last layer
cutting out A5 board for every compositions

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