Point of view stage 4: Photo-taking process

Other explorations.

I tried using another method to put the illustration onto the photo — draw directly on the photo digitally. And here are the outcome:

A book in the POV of a bookworm is solace

7 7.1 7.3 7.2

After trying this out, I decided to choose the previous style and method because I feel that drawing it out traditionally and then scanning it allows me more freedom to design the character whereas if I draw digitally, it is difficult to control the strokes (well…at least I haven’t mastered it yet ><).

Photo taking process~


A book in the POV of a child is world of fantasy.

A book in the POV of a bookworm is escape.

For the fantasy and escape scene, I wanted to show abundance in the amount of books and yet also leave some space for the ‘imagination’ to take place, hence I piled up the books and played with the angles of the different shots.

A book in the POV of a student is nightmare.

For the nightmare scene, I wanted to portray how overpowering the textbooks are compared to student morrid, so I decided to scatter all the books on the stairs and make it look as though the books are way bigger compared to student morrid. I tried to take the photos from a lower angle and gave them different filters as well.

The other idea was the portray the textbooks as a mountain that student morrid is trying to conquer. However I felt that the compositions of these photos are very similar to the other photos that I took and it would be very mundane if all the photos are just photos of piles of different books. Hence, I decided not to choose these shots for the final.




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