Point of view stage 6: Final

So now let me bring you through a journey of a book about books.

Here’s the family album of the Morrid family…


So how does this name, ‘Morrid’ came about? More read, Morrid, geddit? XD Okay, let me first give you a brief background introduction of the Morrid Family.

First, they are a family of trees. They can be distinguished by the hairstyle they have. Each of them have their very own unique hairstyle.

Secondly, I predict that they live in a magical realm that exist between the world of reality and the world of fantasy.

Thirdly, they are a family of five who loves (or hates) to read books, they are mummy Morrid, daddy Morrid, little Morrid, student Morrid and bookworm Morrid.

Without further ado, let me now introduce you to the place they live in.


Books! Yes, they live in books. The bookshelf is a like HDB flat in their semi real and semi magical world.

  1. Books from the Point of View of a bookshelf are residents.

Well, books from the point of view of the different family members can mean very different things. let me elaborate more on that, starting from the youngest in the family.


2. A Book from the Point of View of little Morrid is a world of fantasy.

Every time Mummy reads little Morrid a story, he would imagine many mystical creatures and cute monsters surrounding him. And because of that he made a lot of imaginary friends!


3. A book from the Point of View of student Morrid is a nightmare.

Student Morrid, on the other hand, sees his books (textbooks) as nightmares. All those problems to solve, theories to learn and digest~ Student Morrid hates them! Textbooks are the worst!


4. A Book from the Point of View of bookworm Morrid is an escape.

Bookworm Morrid sees a book like an escape. Reading is the only way she gets to escape to another world and takes a break from reality.


5. Books from the Point of View of mummy Morrid are dust collectors.

Mummy Morrid spends plenty of her time wiping books, keeping the books clean spiky and span just to make sure that the kids have supply of clean books to read.


6. A Book from the Point of View of a daddy Morrid (a fully grown tree) is an offspring.

Lastly, daddy Morrid sacrifices himself to produce tons and tons of books. He contributes to the wisdom, knowledge and creativity that grows in the mind of years and years of generation of the Morrid Family.


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