Minimalism, simplicity.


First Task:
Prepare a one-page post with images that explain (text) which (one) of the following product designers you best identify with:

1. Marc Newson
2. Fukasawa
3. Ross Lovegrove
4. Yves Behar
5. Karim Rashid.

Among the 5 designers, I best identify with the designers, Marc Newson and Naoto Fukasawa. Their styles and products they design may be different but I find them similar in the sense that their designs are simple, easy to use and sleek.

Marc Newson has been described as the most influential designer of his generation.

Marc Newson, Kettle and Toaste

Many of his designs have been a runaway success for his clients and have achieved the status of modern design icons.

Montblanc M

Personally, I find his design simple and clean, elegant and sleek. I really love it.

Naoto Fukasawa is another designer I really admire because of the same reasons.

Naoto Fukasawa humidifier
Naoto Fukasawa humidifier

I find that simplicity is what brings the user to notice the beauty in the product’s form, surface texture and the details.

3 words: Keep it simple.

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