Week 9./ Fiber etching and Bleaching

Fiber etching
Removing fibers from fabric

“Devore¬†is the removal of fibers from the surface of a fabric using a chemical called sodium bisulfate. This chemical eats away the cellulose fibers in that fabric, leaving the synthetic and protein fibers untouched”

Fiber etch

Material needed:
– Blended fabric
– Dust Mask
– Fiber etch
– Brushes or Silkscreen printing set
– Iron

– Secure fabric to workspace
РApply Fiber etch to fabric using silkscreen or brush
– Allow fiber etch to dry thoroughly
– When dried, sandwich the fabric between 2 baking paper before Ironing ( Fiber Etch can stick to the iron and ruin the iron surface)


Process photos

Challenges, learning points and application

I feel that Fiber etching is the more difficult to control technique out of all, most of my fiber etching sample end result either have holes because I put in too much fiber etch at some part or some parts the fiber doesn’t even come off. I guess Fiber etching is not a technique that I’ll explore further as I have the least interest in it.

Removing colors from fabric

Process photos


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