Product Design IV // Week 7

Fiona x Shanelle

Last session’s feedback:

  • Choose a direction.
  • Overall form not conveyed.
  • Do not use any difficult materials.
  • Be specific about the dimensions, location, the reason behind the location, how people interact with it.
  • Find out where was the Pangolin found and place the sculpture there.

Our reflection:

  • Going towards direction 1 is boring as it is no longer about making an art sculpture. We realized plants are everywhere in school and there is no point for us to add more. People will probably think that oh, it’s just another shade. We thought that direction 2 has more potential for us to work on. 
  • Here’s recap of direction 2, a domino effect that creates a closing movement when it rains (mimicking the pangolin scales working as a whole):

Where did the Pangolin appear?

NTU Hall 7 residential

Overall Form


Explanations below.


Initial trial #1

Aim: To play with the weight difference in each module to create a default/balanced position.
(With the latch on segment having a greater volume/weight than the beak.)

The objective of trial: To identify if the difference in weight running throughout the module causes the module to rebound and moves back to its original position after the contact. 

Findings: It is difficult to control and calculate such that the weight on both sides is the same and that the module will return to its default position when the rain stops. Hence, we figured that we could try working with an elasticity mechanism.

Initial trial #2

Aim: To play with the elasticity to create a rebound.  

The objective of trial: To identify which way of constructing the elasticity is more effective to create a rebound.

Findings: Elasticity works. The modules bounces back to its default position after contact. The position of how we position the elasticity is, however, crucial as we figured that the method affects the strength of the rebound.

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  1. I think you need to define better the shape of the structure

    Is it supposed to be used as a sun shelter?

    what do you think it can be used for? seats? barbecue? bus?

    when do you expect the scales moving?

    are you still interested to make it moving with change of temperature?

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