Typography chapter 2: Hello…it’s me~

Hello, my name is…

Through this exercise I depicted my personalities using 3 name cards of 3 different styles.



  • Characteristic: carefree, simple
  • Humour brings laughter. Laughter are contagious. Laughter brings Joy. 😀
  • Turning my initial into a pun: “still my favourite S”
  • Improvised by drawing the word like body parts. Shanelle is indeed a sexy name. Just like the person. Wew~




  • Characteristic: enthusiastic, determined
  • My favourite technique: fumage.
  • Fire represents passion. Fire represents enthusiasm.
  • Fingerprint represents identity.



  • Characteristic: Lazy, Boring
  • Panda is in a world of colours. But panda is black and white. Panda is dull and down. No wonder the colours around Panda are not bright. Panda needs help. I am Panda.
  • Panda wants to find brighter colours, but Panda doesn’t want to move.
  • Hopefully, Panda will walk down the path to brighter colours ahead in the future.