Point of View stage 1: Brainstorming

First of all, I would like to apologise for the late update as I have been pretty busy  for the past 4 days trying to finish up 4 consecutive submissions. I’m sincerely sorry. 🙁

First stage: Racking my brain.

For this project, I wanted to do something related to photography, because it is something that I have not explored before for my previous 2D projects.

Also, I had this idea of making books as I recently chanced upon a book which teaches you how to bind books. It is something interesting that I would like to try… so… I decided to brainstorm on the different point of view of a book. The following points are the ideas that I have so far:


After thinking about these different view points, I thought about what kind of mediums I want to use for this project. I was in a dilemma as I wasn’t sure whether I want to stick to illustration or photography. I also wasn’t very sure about whether I want to make the composition as 6 different book covers or 6 pages in a book.

The 2 different ideas:

  • One is  to stick to illustration and put all the composition together to form a story book.
  • Another is the try something new, which is photography and photoshop, and come out with 6 different book covers.

For this, I guess I would need more time to consider…stay tune for stage 2 which would include more about the researches I did~

Point of view stage 2: Artist research and my first step

I apologize in advance for this long post because I tend to collate everything together first and review them over and over again before uploading them. So...here it goes? 
Idea 1.

If I am to work on the book cover idea, there are 5 things I would have to think about:

  • The title
  • The font of the title
  • The slogan
  • The settings in the photo
  • The composition

The following are some reference book cover ideas which might help me for this project.

Book cover design ideas:

book-cover-design-ideas3 book-cover-design-ideas6

book-cover-designs2 underthedome

tallgrass paris

talesofchekhov skingame blackseconds theoppositehouse

Photography manipulation artist research

Giuseppe Colarusso:

Switzerland-born Italian artist Giuseppe Colarusso has a strange fetish for making everyday objects totally unusable. The reason why I like his photos is because they are all very mind-blowing and out of the box.

photomanipulations-giuseppe-colarusso-mister-solo-19 photomanipulations-giuseppe-colarusso-mister-solo-15 photomanipulations-giuseppe-colarusso-mister-solo-14

Somehow in each photo, there is a puzzle to solve…



I feel that it would be quite interesting if I try to the combine the idea of transformation with the idea of books…so for example in a composition I could try to add or change some element to a book (for eg. wings).

Idea 2.

Photography illustration artist research

Besides photography manipulation, I also thought of exploring photography illustration.

Johan Thörnqvist:

In my opinion, Johan Thörnqvist work is just….wow fantastic!!!! I’m really in love with his art work. Okay…just take a few minutes to scroll through and be thrown away by his impressive art pieces guys~











The illustration artist, Johan Thörnqvist enhances ordinary photographs by doodling little characters and buildings on them. By doing so, he turns each and every single pieces of photo into a completely different world using his imagination.

I think that photography illustration is actually an interesting technique and I would like to try it because by doing so I can create a balance between the real world and the imaginary world. Also, by doing so, I can actually solve my dilemma on whether I want to do something new which is digital photography or stick to illustration. 🙂

My progress so far:

For the previous project, I immediately had an idea about what is the overall concept I wanted to work on, which is Pandora box. However right now the biggest problem for me is actually the overall theme. So far I have decided on the idea I wanted to explore – which is the book but I have decided on a medium which I am not very familiar with this time.

Actually, I have started exploring a bit on it. I started by taking some photos and right now I’m still thinking about how I want to include the illustration inside (stay tuned for ‘Point of View stage 3)

These are some photos I took:







Working on the ideas:

  • Books from the POV of a bookshelf are residents
  • Book from the POV of a bookworm is an escape.

I kind of have a rough overall concept in mind – I want to create a story out of the 6 compositions. However, I don’t feel that the concept is solid enough yet. Any ideas?