Week 5. /Applique

Attaching another fabric or patch to the surface of another fabric.

“Appliques have been used in various ways in many different cultures – all of which achieve distinct effects.The chosen patterns depended on the purpose of the garments and the natural resources available.


Material needed:
– Fabric
– Scissors
– Thread
– Sewing machine

– Create a design and cut out the pattern pieces from a piece of fabric
– Place the small fabric on a base fabric on a sewing machine.
– Begin at one corner of the design and stitch around, making sure that edges of the patch are completely covered with the thread.
Tip: The edge of the fabric should be in the center of the presser foot.

Process photos

Challenges, learning points and application

I feel that applique is one of the hardest technique to master, other than knitting. In order to make an applique looks nice, it requires a lot of skills, imagination and also control over the sewing machine. The biggest challenge I face while doing applique is to make sure that the thread aligns with the edge of the fabric. However, I find it interesting if I could use patchwork technique to make a quilt to present the processes. 

Final outcome