Trends in products; Trip to Harvey

Trends In Products


I would say one of the difficult things for a designer is to make a product look coherent, even the details like buttons should echo with the overall form. (One of the difficulties I face when designing the toy for the major project is also blending the crank into the overall form.)

Some of the more attractive product designs I saw:
From a hair dryer to electric fan, all of them have a very simple and minimal form. Nowadays, people wants to see as much functions in a minimal structure as possible. Minimalism is the ultimate sophistication. Minimalism is beauty.

Less edges, more curves

To add on, many of the products also have an organic form with more curvatures and less edgy sides. Their clean and smooth surface attracts customers to touch it.

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Old is new.

The idea of creating new products with a style similar to a style from the past is quite an irony and it apparently has become an in-thing right now. The use of softer pastel colors captures the attention of customers, and by using nostalgia appeals to them through emotions and sentimentality. In a sense, these products focus more on the emotional factors.

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