Assignment 3: Story Beats


A poor man chances upon a magical tree that bears jewellery-containing fruits. His greed for the treasures estranged him from his friends, and only after which did he learn that true wealth is in wisdom and friendship, not in material goods.

Story Beats
  • There was a poor man who was friendly with his other poor fellows
  • One day, he stumbled upon a magical gigantic tree
  • He found shining pearls in the fruits of the tree
  • He gleefully sold the pearls for a good price at the market
  • His greed increased and this compelled him to bring barrels and barrels of fruits home
  • With his sudden increase in wealth, he now lives in luxurious houses and dresses in luxurious clothes. He was a stingy and nasty man and despised his old friends. He earned a bad reputation.
  • One day, the tree stops producing jewellery. Instead, books are found in the fruits.
  • He frantically checked all the fruits but none of them bore any jewellery. Only books could be found.
  • In his spite and fear that others will find out his secret source of his wealth, he ordered the tree to be cut down
  • However, together with the tree, his new-found wealth vaporised.
  • He became alone and upset, but his old friends came over to comfort him
  • He shared the secret to his wealth to his friends
  • Together, the three friends decided to read the books to see what it contains
  • They became very wise and knowledgable, and villagers started coming to them for advices
  • Their reputation travelled so far that even the emperor has heard of them. The emperor sought them out for advice. All was good.
  • A new sprout appears. The tree is growing again!
Beat Boards (WIP)


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