“The walls we build around us to keep the sadness out also keeps out the joy.”

– Jim Rohn

The reason why I chose sadness from inside out as the main character of the video is because this movie gave me a totally new perspective of being SAD. I’m usually a very cheerful and a happy-go-lucky girl so when i’m sad or discouraged, I often hide it.


  • Sadness is universal. The movie inside out shows us the power of what we normally call as a negative emotion- sadness.
  • It’s often culturally and socially reinforced that there’s something wrong or shameful about feeling sad. However, studies have shown that those who suppress negative emotions and thoughts actually experience more of it which later led to depression.
  • It’s sometimes difficult when we live in a society where joy is so celebrated and it’s as if it’s place on this pedestal as the ultimate goal. Although I do agree that we should do our best to be positive most of the time but it’s also important for us to remember that sadness and joy just like how they show in the movie often go hand in hand.
  • I heard from someone saying that usually the happiest people are the ones with the saddest stories and it’s because these people choose happiness. It’s a choice to be happy.
  • So maybe sadness is something that we should embrace so that we can better understand where is it coming from. Sadness helps me think and rasionalize my decisions and in the long run has increased my wisdom. Sadness increases my empathy towards others and to be more sensitive in my actions and speech.
  • In my opinion, i don’t think sadness is a bad thing after all, it’s just that we shouldn’t dwell in it too much.

Overall, I think that joy and sadness both play an important role in our lives and sadness isn’t an emotion that we should be ashamed of!



Other characters that I could have chosen for the video:

Frictional Characters 

  • Agnes / Despicable Me
  • Boo / Monsters Inc.
  • Olaf / Frozen
  • Po / Kung Fu Panda

Public Figures

  • Ellen Degenerous / Entertainer
  • Jimmy Fallon / Entertainer
  • Harry Styles / Singer
  • Jayesslee / Musician, Singer
  • Furry little Peach / Artist

People I know

  • My mom
  • My dad
  • My friend Tiffany
  • My friend Dina
  • My homie Alnick