What we understood from this reading was that he wants us to divert our attention from things or situations we find ‘abnormal’, which is what we usually miss out because they’ve become so familiar that we don’t see them as inspirations, and also to appreciate and be aware of the mundane.

Therefore we would like to focus on the shuttle bus routes in NTU, where most of us take them everyday to get around the school.  It is because of this system that we are able to live our lives easily without a second thought. Nobody is interested in this system but it is because of this that helps us to live our lives more systematically and with at ease. We only see one perspective of the routes when we take the bus so this time we would like people to see the routes in another perspective, that is why we did this sculpture of the 3 shuttle bus routes in NTU.

We envision this sculpture to be a recreational space or park for people to relax and enjoy their time there.

Scale is 1:5.