Progress (week 7)

Inspiration from Henry Moore
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Image result for Henry Moore

After doing a bit of readings on Henry Moore and his sculptures, there was a surprising fact that most of his sculptures were also inspired by skulls and bones!

Bones are the inside structure that nature uses for both lightness and strength…so in bones you can find the principles which can be very important in sculpture

Henry Moore

Hence, after observing some of his sculptural works, we found it interesting of how he uses positive and negative spaces to create a visually interesting sculpture and how the whole sculpture is connected to each other as a whole. Prior to that, we came out with an idea to create an interesting space that allows the user to use it however they wish to. (eg: sitting, laying down, etc.)

Exploration of possible forms 

One of our biggest challenge was to experiment creating interesting forms but at the same try to remain its essence of looking like a spine.




  1. I can see a big improvement in your creative process. Interesting shapes as well.

    There is still one thing, your idea of representing the backbone implies the concepts of structural connectivity and repetition as a metaphor of students’ body and unity made from singular elements. I think these are fundamental concepts of your design. In the images above I don’t feel these concepts well represented. Maybe is the fact that the sculptural elements (spine bones) look disembodied from their structure, in my opinion is still lacking the sense of continuity and inter-connectivity.

    Try to improve and refine your design looking into some other designers’ work. Some are linked on this syllabus page: biomorphism

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