Theme & Concept  : Obsession 

Below are some thumbnail sketches of trying to portray the obsession for Christmas!

Idea 1: Family trying to get Christmas stuff from the vending machine / The father looking exhausted from carrying all the stuff his wife and children got

Idea 2: A close up of the vending machine and the things sold inside it

Idea 3: A composition of angels clouding the whole space

Idea 4: Young and old queuing up to give a shot at the huge claw machine filled with Christmas goodies!

Idea 5: Everyone helping to decorate the Christmas tree!

Idea 6: Girl wearing  a Christmas tree skirt

Idea 7: Family buying stuff for Christmas during sale

Idea 8: Girl eating off a gingerbreadhouse

Idea 9: Wreath filled with Christmas ornaments

Idea 10: Elves helping santa to move gifts around


Idea 12: Elves helping to decorate the Christmas trees

Idea 13: Santa feeling  stunned over the amount of gifts he has to send out

Idea 14: Christmas market

Idea 15: Different levels and section of the Christmas tree selling different items

Idea 16: Many rows of Christmas stalls

Choice of idea after feedback 

Idea 1, 4 and 8

  • Idea 8 shows the obsessiveness of Christmas by the way the child is aggressively chewing off her gingerbread house.
  • Idea 1 and 4 shows busyness and also fits the theme of Christmas.

Suggestions: Use Idea 8 as a main focus and combine the busyness of Idea 1 and 4 into it (eg: by adding snowflakes/ornaments/more crumbs/ mess on the floor to fill up the space)