Week 8 ( Progress)

After getting feedback on how the sculpture had lost a sense of  “wholeness”  and became more modular and repetitive, lacking the sense of continuity and inter-connectivity, we had to think of ways to make the sculpture repetitive and connected  but not too literal (as of what we did for the previous sculpture). Hence, we decided to explore more on per module of the spinal structure and from there create different sizes and volumes of it  to make it look more visually dynamic.

This sculpture allows the user to sit at both sides according to their preference. The variety in height not only help to suggest more visual interest but gives the audience different choices of seating according to their liking.




  1. I can see some progress, good.
    the elements sticking out on the side look fragile, maybe you can integrate a bit more.
    please, continue to explore the shape in this direction.
    what kind of material are you thinking to use?
    if I can suggest, I would look into ceramics or concrete/ceramics combination

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