Although I was quite certain with the  main theme of my final project, that is… yes, Christmas again! I wasn’t quite sure of what kind of style i wanted it to be.  Should it be catered for kids for a kid’s Christmas party? A tropical Christmas? or a celebration for the office? Hence i went to further  research on the kind of mood that I wanted to create. 

Idea 1

I wanted to show how people in different countries across asia celebrate Christmas. Without snow, reindeer, snowman etc….  I thought that it would be unique and interesting to see how although there are different people across the world with different cultures, they still celebrate the same day in their own ways.

Idea 2

This idea is somewhat similar to the previous idea but with a more humorous approach to it.  This is how people in tropical countries celebrate Christmas-by the beach. I thought that it would be fun to give a twist to the usual Christmas scene by bringing Christmas to the beach! Cause why not? 🙂

Idea 3

Using the  usual elements of Christmas but maybe experiment with different styles??? (refer to previous mood board)


Final choice:  Idea 3

I figured that if I were to choose the first two ideas, it would be hard to make it look as clean and elegant as i would like my theme to look. So I chose idea 3 at last!

Rough Sketches & Ideation

Picture to be mirrored on the other side.

Things to take into consideration :

-Spacing between objects

-Objects not overpowering the deer and typography

-Should typography be placed slanted or straight?

Create a continuous  landscape view  for the  birds in the gift tag

Packaging for coffee cups and cup sleeve