Category: Product Design 4 – 2018

Spine week 11 progess

After consultation last week, we decided to subtly increase the radius of the edge of the chair and its curve according to its increasing height. 

Also, we experimented on a few organic forms of the joint.

Joints of different width

Trying out different curves at midpoint of joint

However, after many attempts of experimenting we feel that the joints look out of place when we look at it from a closer distance even though if it is looked from a distance it seems whole.

Week 8 ( Progress)

After getting feedback on how the sculpture had lost a sense of  “wholeness”  and became more modular and repetitive, lacking the sense of continuity and inter-connectivity, we had to think of ways to make the sculpture repetitive and connected  but not too literal (as of what we did for the previous sculpture). Hence, we decided to explore more on per module of the spinal structure and from there create different sizes and volumes of it  to make it look more visually dynamic.

This sculpture allows the user to sit at both sides according to their preference. The variety in height not only help to suggest more visual interest but gives the audience different choices of seating according to their liking.



Progress (week 7)

Inspiration from Henry Moore
Image result for Henry Moore

Image result for Henry Moore

Image result for Henry Moore

After doing a bit of readings on Henry Moore and his sculptures, there was a surprising fact that most of his sculptures were also inspired by skulls and bones!

Bones are the inside structure that nature uses for both lightness and strength…so in bones you can find the principles which can be very important in sculpture

Henry Moore

Hence, after observing some of his sculptural works, we found it interesting of how he uses positive and negative spaces to create a visually interesting sculpture and how the whole sculpture is connected to each other as a whole. Prior to that, we came out with an idea to create an interesting space that allows the user to use it however they wish to. (eg: sitting, laying down, etc.)

Exploration of possible forms 

One of our biggest challenge was to experiment creating interesting forms but at the same try to remain its essence of looking like a spine.



Concept for Installation

Source of inspiration: The Human Spine


1 / Only serves its purpose if the individual bones are connected together.
2 / It does not work if there is no main component.
3 / It is a source of strength, support and stability.
4 / A healthy spine keeps balance, and it also had to be balanced.

What we aim to produce (meaning behind installation, description of installation)

-Like the spine , the students (connected elements) form the school/community (body) not as individuals, but as a whole.

-Without a part, the whole spine cannot function healthily ( Without the active contribution of the students as a community, the school wouldn’t be able to perform at its best )

-Through this sculptural installation we would like to question students the importance of community, using the spine as symbolism.


– A sculptural installation that can only work if they are put together.

– A design the requires the dependency of each element to form a whole sculptural form.

Source of inspiration

1) Woven Installation by Studio 400

2) Ernesto Neto’s Woven Installations

3) Tomás Saraceno’s Biospheric Cloud Cities

4) Crocheted Playgrounds by Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam

Possible locations for Installation

NTU’s School of Medicine

Day to Day Data by Georges Perec

What we understood from this reading was that he wants us to divert our attention from things or situations we find ‘abnormal’, which is what we usually miss out because they’ve become so familiar that we don’t see them as inspirations, and also to appreciate and be aware of the mundane.

Therefore we would like to focus on the shuttle bus routes in NTU, where most of us take them everyday to get around the school.  It is because of this system that we are able to live our lives easily without a second thought. Nobody is interested in this system but it is because of this that helps us to live our lives more systematically and with at ease. We only see one perspective of the routes when we take the bus so this time we would like people to see the routes in another perspective, that is why we did this sculpture of the 3 shuttle bus routes in NTU.

We envision this sculpture to be a recreational space or park for people to relax and enjoy their time there.

Scale is 1:5.