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Final Submission and reflection

I have learned a lot throughout this whole semester in this class and it’s the class that I enjoyed the most because I had the freedom to create whatever style of design I wanted! I find it helpful that we get to design / create whatever we wished without any restrictions! The part that I find most helpful is to find out my target audience and focus on getting my message across through graphics and the mood of my illustrations! This module was overall a very enjoyable experience!

Direction for the Final Project and rough sketches

Although I was quite certain with the  main theme of my final project, that is… yes, Christmas again! I wasn’t quite sure of what kind of style i wanted it to be.  Should it be catered for kids for a kid’s Christmas party? A tropical Christmas? or a celebration for the office? Hence i went to further  research on the kind of mood that I wanted to create. 

Idea 1

I wanted to show how people in different countries across asia celebrate Christmas. Without snow, reindeer, snowman etc….  I thought that it would be unique and interesting to see how although there are different people across the world with different cultures, they still celebrate the same day in their own ways.

Idea 2

This idea is somewhat similar to the previous idea but with a more humorous approach to it.  This is how people in tropical countries celebrate Christmas-by the beach. I thought that it would be fun to give a twist to the usual Christmas scene by bringing Christmas to the beach! Cause why not? 🙂

Idea 3

Using the  usual elements of Christmas but maybe experiment with different styles??? (refer to previous mood board)


Final choice:  Idea 3

I figured that if I were to choose the first two ideas, it would be hard to make it look as clean and elegant as i would like my theme to look. So I chose idea 3 at last!

Rough Sketches & Ideation

Picture to be mirrored on the other side.

Things to take into consideration :

-Spacing between objects

-Objects not overpowering the deer and typography

-Should typography be placed slanted or straight?

Create a continuous  landscape view  for the  birds in the gift tag

Packaging for coffee cups and cup sleeve



The 3 Pencil Comps

Sketches 1 and 2 are linked to the vending machine concept as said in the previous post. Sketch 3 is a more detailed sketch of a little’s girl’s obsession over a gingerbread house . I am personally leaning towards sketches 1 and 3 but still can’t seem to make up my mind on which one I want to work with! What do y’all think? Any suggestions and feedback are welcomed!:)


Thumbnail sketches and development of concept

Theme & Concept  : Obsession 

Below are some thumbnail sketches of trying to portray the obsession for Christmas!

Idea 1: Family trying to get Christmas stuff from the vending machine / The father looking exhausted from carrying all the stuff his wife and children got

Idea 2: A close up of the vending machine and the things sold inside it

Idea 3: A composition of angels clouding the whole space

Idea 4: Young and old queuing up to give a shot at the huge claw machine filled with Christmas goodies!

Idea 5: Everyone helping to decorate the Christmas tree!

Idea 6: Girl wearing  a Christmas tree skirt

Idea 7: Family buying stuff for Christmas during sale

Idea 8: Girl eating off a gingerbreadhouse

Idea 9: Wreath filled with Christmas ornaments

Idea 10: Elves helping santa to move gifts around


Idea 12: Elves helping to decorate the Christmas trees

Idea 13: Santa feeling  stunned over the amount of gifts he has to send out

Idea 14: Christmas market

Idea 15: Different levels and section of the Christmas tree selling different items

Idea 16: Many rows of Christmas stalls

Choice of idea after feedback 

Idea 1, 4 and 8

  • Idea 8 shows the obsessiveness of Christmas by the way the child is aggressively chewing off her gingerbread house.
  • Idea 1 and 4 shows busyness and also fits the theme of Christmas.

Suggestions: Use Idea 8 as a main focus and combine the busyness of Idea 1 and 4 into it (eg: by adding snowflakes/ornaments/more crumbs/ mess on the floor to fill up the space)


Mood board, user persona and target market


-bold red, green and gold 

mood board 2


User persona and targeted market:
target market: female / anyone who loves Christmas!
occupation: working adults and students in the creative field / (anyone who loves creative graphics/appreciates/collects them!)

Editorial Illustration ( research and inspiration )

Research on Illustrators and editorial magazines.

  1. Joanne Poon

This was a poster designed by Joanne Poon for a circus event! I love how all the colors helped to make the event look inviting and fun! The poster along with the other information templates looked unified and belonging to each other too. I think that it is a very successful poster not only because it managed to grab the audiences’ attention but it  also managed to accommodate important information into the poster yet not making it look  overcrowded and messy!

2. Marta Leshak

Martha Leshak is a designer and illustrator that is passionate about children’s book and folk topics! These are some of the plots from a  series of paper cutting illustration she created to  reflect children’s representation of incomprehensible sayings and phraseologism. I love the color that she chose for her target audience that are very pastel and baby-like colors! She managed to create another world of its own in her illustrations and I find that it is a very important element to incorporate into the cover of a magazine design in order to captivate the eyes of the viewer!

3. Hee Eun Lee

POSTER2017 제 6회 대한민국 도시농업 박람회The 6th Korean urban agriculture Expo[농작물음악제 포스터_ 딸기 콘서트 / 감자 콘서트]

농작물 음악제 포스터 - 브랜딩/편집 · 일러스트레이션 · 파인아트, 브랜딩/편집, 일러스트레이션, 파인아트, 그래픽 디자인, 일러스트레이션

POSTER2017 제 6회 대한민국 도시농업 박람회The 6th Korean urban agriculture Expo[농작물음악제 포스터_ 딸기 콘서트 / 감자 콘서트]

The design of this illustrator is very pleasing to the eye as she uses muted colors and rounded edges to create her designs! The right way to welcome people to the concert! 🙂

4. The New Yorker Magazine

New Yorker August 2nd, 1958 by Arthur Getz

New Yorker August 2nd, 1958 by Arthur Getz

Ilonka Karasz : Cover art for The New Yorker 1710 - 23 November 1957

Ilonka Karasz : Cover art for The New Yorker 1710 – 23 November 1957

Constantin Alajalov Christmas Store New Yorker Cover (December1949) Back in the day, stores actually gave you boxes that were boxes and you didn't have to line up in some obscure corner of the store to get them either.

Constantin Alajalov Christmas Store New Yorker Cover December 1949

May 6, 1939 (Ilonka Karasz)

May 6, 1939 by Ilonka Karasz

The New Yorker - Saturday, May 30, 1931 - Issue # 328 - Vol. 7 - N° 15 - Cover by : Barney Tobey

May 30, 1931  Issue # 328 – Vol. 7 Cover by Barney Tobey
 After looking through quite a number of The New Yorker’s Magazine, ( especially the older issues, as seen above) I am in awe of how the artists managed to create  and compose complex pieces of cover magazines yet not overcrowding the whole page!

Feedback after presentation and final self-portrait

Feedback and comments to better artwork:

  • the layer of glass was taking away the details and vibrancy of the interesting objects in the hair. Hence, there were suggestions to lower down the opacity of the outer layer and to choose a lighter color (eg: light blue or pink) to go above it.
  • The egg earring was too overpowering in proportion to the face. And it would be better to flip the egg around to avoid repetitiveness of the egg on the head.

Personal reflection after assignment 1

  • This was quite a fun assignment to work on as I had to think of what was really important in my daily life and constantly trying of ways to make the whole composition work together as one.
  • It was also a fun challenge to try to incorporate elements that i love and at the same time give the whole self portrait a more in depth meaning.



Process to creating my self potrait

Process of illustrating my self portrait  

A list of words that describe me/Things that I adore

-rice and eggs

-matcha latte

-soulful music




-nature (flower and greens)


-bandana and high bun

-french fries



I chose to take a picture of my neutral looking face to show no emotion because I wanted the viewer to have their own interpretation and perception of what the whole portrait is trying to convey. So the first step that I did was to take pictures and finally chose an of angle that I can better work with and illustrate my face.

The main concept that I was trying to go for is to portray me as an” observant” person, always being aware of my surroundings. The first sketch above was me wearing many glasses, arranging them  from my chin to the back of my head to suggest that I have “many eyes”or “always on the look”.  The second sketch is me peeping through a glass window. And the flowers and leaves growing and creeping out gives an idea of wanting to be free or to “come out”. Composition wise, I feel that this is much stronger than the others as the tip of the hair balances out the chin and an earring at the ear gives character to the whole picture. It also shows movement and allows the reader’s eyes to flow through the portrait.

Although I do like the previous sketch and the message behind it. I still find that it still loses some edge and character to it. So rather than just having a garden over my head. I tried to incorporate some of the elements that best describe myself. I find it more visually intriguing and it allows the viewer to want to find out what is exactly IN the hair. However, I find the composition and arrangement was very still and gives off a feeling of solitude and I didn’t want that so I decided to use the composition of the previous sketch because it shows more dynamism .

These two are just sketches of the same concept. One trying to come out of a paper box and another trying to peek over the fence.

The last idea was to incorporate fireworks and hair curlers but I chose the previous idea at last because it had more narrative and visual interest.

Composition of final self portrait

At first I was just playing around with the composition. Trying to figure out how to better portray depth and combine all the objects together without making it look too messy and at the same time remain its elegance.


At this point, i wanted the french fries to mimic a crown. However the keyboard behind although added depth doesn’t look as cohesive as I wanted it to be with the self portrait.

Problems : Struggling to make objects look clear after placing a layer on top of it even after opacity is reduced.

Although this may seem clearer but it fails to use the glass window to give off the message because the objects (flowers) looks as if they are on top of the glass rather than behind it.