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Project 2 // Impossibilities of being



This series of photos shows my daily routine and how i see it as a daily adventure.

Transitions: morning–school–out of school–fun–night

This project taught me to realize the simple things that I was doing daily that I wasn’t that aware of before.

//The different objects and environment that I interact with//

//movements and gestures//

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.

Anchoring and Relaying

d                                                                          Are you ready? 

h  Up

g  Looking beyond      

Using a few words to describe the images and to let the viewer think twice to it’s true meaning.

Maybe words can have a deeper meaning?

Project 1b ( Fire and Ice)

The first thing that came into my mind after reading this poem is one word, DEATH. The death of humanity, empathy, sympathy and love caused by the sinful desires of human nature. The opposite of death is life. So, i chose a tree to be the main object of this poem to represent life. The images consist of dried leaves and trees to represent death.



The color of the leave and how it curves represents a flame.



This plant looks like a rib cage which represents death. The hatred and jealousy in a person can suck out the life in them, leaving them with only dried bones left.



The end nod ( the mid point of the star shape) means that be it fire or ice, it will both bring destruction in the end.




Task 1-Project 1a

For project 1a, I wanted to portray who I really am as a person of 20 years, what the world around me was like and how I see it as an important part of my life. These little bits and pieces tell a big part of my childhood that have carved my personality and in a certain way made me the person that I am now. Most of the images are taken at home and i try to show simplicity by using a white background. The objects taken have a specific story of their own that is close to my heart.

Task 1: Me

1 2 DSC_9104

For the first task, I chose a wooden house to introduce myself because i love the simplicity of it as it only consist of one material and color that is wood. It shows that I am a family oriented person, hoping to lead a simple life and that I am loved by my parents and my home is extremely close to my heart. The next picture shows a bunch of color pencils in a white holder, this is to show that I love art and color pencils have always been a big part of my childhood and of my journey towards pursuing art. And the last picture shows that I’m playing the piano, I express a lot of myself though art but not just visually, i express myself musically.

Task 2: Object and representation of self 

20150902_092949 20150902_093050 20150902_093219

For task 2, the object that best represents myself is a plant. I see myself as a small plant that is still maturing and growing as a person. It’s like me. It needs a lot of care, love, attention and protection. It is fragile. However, when it is taken with care, given enough time, it grows into a beautiful green. I see myself as a person that you have to have a lot of patience with, I get hurt easily but I’m still growing. The place that I chose to shot these images is at my hall because I feel that these 4 years of university life in NTU (School of Art, Design and Media) will really stretch me to my limits and my fullest potential. It is at this time where I’ll mature, grow and discover more about myself as a person.

Task 3: My world

4 5 6 7 8

And for the last task, it’s my world! Most of the objects in the images consists of more than one color to represent my somehow ”lively and stress-free childhood” and the consistent white background is actually a continuation of task 1 to show that I am a simple person. For the colored chair picture, these were the chairs that I used to play musical chairs. The ladder and water hose were also my childhood “playground”, objects that I considered as toys. The image with 3 pegs in it represents my family, my dad, mom and I. And the peg that was in focus (yellow) represents me because I’m always and will always be the center of their attention. Lastly, although there were a lot of fun when playing with all these household things, my mom disciplines me. Which explains the last picture. All these pictures bring back so many memories of me as a child and has somehow made me the person that I am today.

Personal reflections when completing this task 

I’ve started to experiment and capture an object in a closed up manner from different angles and perspectives. I’ve learned that you do not need a whole lot of things to be in a picture to tell a story. Specific parts of an object also has a powerful ability to convey a message.